Our Mission & S.T.E.M

Scotts Scholastic Learning Agency is A non-profit organization which was formed from multiple years of helping struggling students and a goal to provide high quality educational support to any that needs it. We believe that learning opportunities should be available for anyone seeking it in an educational system that leaves many behind. Our mission has a long journey ahead as we wish to offer specific assistance free or affordable to anyone seeking, especially low income and at-risk students.

We want to help students gain knowledge that will help pursue an education in the S.T.E.M(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum area. The pursuit of S.T.E.M educational studies is our focus drive; however, we leave no focus areas behind and will assist with any alternate paths as well.

STEM education

Scotts Scholastic Learning Agency is not only focused on educational support for currently enrolled students. We also support and develop adults seeking educational enlightenment. Technology is used in almost every aspect of todays world, understanding how they work and utilizing these tools can greatly enhance living quality.

At risk students

At risk students are identified as student or groups of students who are considered to have a higher probability of failing academically or dropping out of school. We are wanting to reverse this circumstance for any student in need and send them towards a positive direction academically and for life. We work with at risk students with what we call a development plan and track the progression.

Our Services

Tutoring Sessions
Tutoring Sessions

We offer one-on-one tutoring for all ages aimed for successful learning. We pair you with a tutor that is knowledgeable in your course of study. closely together the presented content will be broken down to your understanding.

Group sessions
Group Tutoring sessions

We offer group tutoring sessions for 2 or more people in numerous of topics.

coding sessions
Coding Sessions

We offer lessons in coding for many of todays programming languages. A highly seeked skill set that many employers are needing

Online Sessions
Online Sessions

We offer online sessions that are conveniently hosted over the internet.

At-risk students
At-risk students

We have focused attention for at risk students and their development. Any students that are at risk of being severely behind or failing will be able to enroll in our developmental plan where we work to catch the student up

GED Assistance
GED Assistance

We can help prepare you for the test required to acquire your GED.


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We assist grade levels ranging from elementary to college and we also assist adults that are not enrolled in school.
We offer scheduling within the morning, afternoon and evening. We are available for any part of the day.
We offer very cost efficient tutoring. We offer free tutoring for specific situations. Contact us to discuss costs for your particular needs.
We are a learning organization that actually cares about the outcome of our students. Contact us to see how we can help.
Our group sessions are pre-scheduled meetings where we work together in a class setting to learn the intended material.

Yes that is correct. We are one of the only tutoring organizations that offer sessions for many of todays programming languages including Java and Python. We strongly encourage STEM studys.

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